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Loving our Life – Men’s Coordinator

Pete is the General Manager of A Baby's Breath’s Jeffersonville Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC). The oldest of six children born in Italy of Australian parents, Peter graduated from LaSalle University in 1989 with a Marketing Degree and worked for 20 years for an International Trading Company, buying and selling textiles and raw materials for plastics.

Six years ago Peter suffered a stroke, while traveling for business in Italy. He spent two and a half weeks in a hospital in Ferrara, Italy, a week at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia and 3 days a week for a year at Moss Rehab.

These days Peter divides his time doing some real estate property management and his volunteer work. Currently he volunteers at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia and at A Baby's Breath’s Jeffersonville CPC Baby Store. He also leads a weekly LOL single men’s meeting in Wayne, Pa. Peter speaks Italian, some Spanish and he likes to play tennis, sing and travel.

Peter is a " Card Carrying Member " of The Fraternity of Communion & Liberation, an approved Ecumenical Movement in the Catholic Church.


Marybeth Toscani

Advisor of Loving our Life service

I’m single...so now what?  
I know what I want but how do I remain true to myself?
At what point do I need to be honest with myself?
Where can I turn for support?
How can I better myself?
Why do I keep making the same undesirable choices?
How do I learn to let go and truly hand it over to God?
How do I remain positive?
How do I not settle?.....
       sound familiar?  I know, I’ve been there too.  That is why LOL was created.  To restore hope, dignity, strength.


Monica Meilleur

Loving our Life - Women’s Coordinator

Monica was a happily married young woman.  She expected to spend the rest of her life with her husband. Then three years ago he died suddenly leaving her without any plans for the rest of her life.  She moved back home from New Mexico and is living with her parents while she plans her new future. Currently Monica works as a florist.  

She is looking for someone to share her two passions, music and faith. In the meantime Monica is attending an ALPHA course at her home parish in Trooper looking to uncover her place as a single Christian woman. She loves her faith and in her role as LOL women’s coordinator will be sharing her journey to find her future role once again as a happily married woman or as single living contently with the Lord.